our team

Andrew McGovern

Helping build Clontarf Foundation from the ground up, Andrew has used his 20+ years of experience in the field to identify the next step for meaningful change in the Indigenous community. Founder of the McGovern Foundation.

Jeremy McGovern

A four-time All Australian and Premiership Defender with the West Coast Eagles, Jeremy will provide invaluable exposure nationwide to drive the Foundation as well as its corporate and community partnerships.

Tom Barrass

A key partner with Jeremy McGovern both on and off the field, the fellow Premiership defender is a proud advocate for community equality. Tom is an energetic driving force behind this vision, and an excellent role model for young, footy-mad Indigenous Australians.

Craig Somerville

A proud Martu man and the former deputy chairperson of the WA Prisoners Review Board, Craig has a deep and fundamental understanding of the causes and impact of Aboriginal employment and disadvantage.

Tony Fitzpatrick

With 30+ years as owner of Skill Hire, Tony is experienced in employment & training fields across government, industry, private sector and community. He has broad and specialized skills in apprenticeships, labour hire, Indigenous employment, youth programs and government-funded employment programs.

Let’s build something together